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We partner with existing community outreach programs to help build awareness to the issues surrounding the Rockwood community and helpful resources that are available.

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Who is Rockwood? This is an outreach resource available to the Rockwood community. This is a place where you can find information about local community outreach initiatives. Who is Rockwood? seeks to raise awareness to the Rockwood community and the issues that the community faces. In 2015, Rockwood accounted for 4 out the 7 homicides in the Gresham area.

Who is Rockwood? is here to act as a helping hand and to give the community information regarding local gang prevention and awareness groups in your area. This website was created because we care, we all are Rockwood, and in one way or another are affected by the gang violence in the metropolitan area. There is an open forum where we encourage you can speak freely about your community and issues that you see and face. This website is to be used as an aid for resources, to build awareness to community issues and to act as a free space were the community and sound off on local issues.

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